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··· Please Read My Rules Before Ordering! ···

The rules are simple and are as follows:

1 - One -1- request per person each month will be the limit for requests, as I do have real time responsibilities and cannot devote all my time to making avs. Feel free to send more pics - if Ihave time, I will make more than one.

2 - Please have a picture and post the link for it on the appropriate place on the order form. if you do not have a picture - i will need a good description of what you wish. blonde - dark - black and white picture - nude - partially nude. Open saladbar shots we try to avoid here. Also mention models you do NOT like.

3 - If for any reason you do not like an av or something about it, please let me know. I would much rather know and make appropriate changes for you if possible. Conversely I also reserve the right to decline to make an av if I feel the subject matter is objectionable, illegal, or if the quality of the picture supplied is not good enough to make an avatar of the quality that both you and I want. Not working with Copyright pictures, either - so please make sure the pictures you give me to work with are not protected that way.

If you can live with these rules then..

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I cannot send you your av

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Max Size in Pixels: Wide x High - 

Unless otherwise specified,, size will vary between 300 and 350 pixels high and 500 - 600 wide.

Male Avatars:

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Please put your picture links here if you have some.

Any additional comments may be entered here


.: Thank you!:.

···Your interest in my artwork is highly appreciated!···

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